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Upcoming devices that will change our lifestyle

Many people think that we are facing the most intense technological revolution now and we are transforming into a high-tech era, where the new model will become extinct near the new development. Here are some gazettes that will be released in the near future (some have already been released). This most modern device will change our lives – where we live – and for our good.


Every gadget trend brings new technology. These technologies are so much expected that even after 10 years, they will surprise us. The current movement of our lives will change these technologies. Let’s look at these wonderful technologies and do not know some information about them …

Dental sensors

Dentist fears have a disease called fear. Which is called dental phobia. For this reason, people are afraid to go to a dentist. They do not want to visit a dentist and do not help the dentist. Many people do not go

The truth is, someone really does not like to go to a dentist. Nobody wants to visit a dentist for general checkups. Scientists at Princeton and Touts are working with a dentist sensor that reduces the need for dental treatment. We do not have to go to our Anorexia and frequent dental doctors.

This sensor will tell you if you have any bacteria or other problems with your teeth and only you go to a dentist.


Wing Roller Coaster

Welcome to Bollinger and Mavillard’s future fun and entertaining world Many of you may have got roller coaster in Bangladesh. But this wing roller coaster is quite different from your roller coaster and it is a new formula. In it the passengers will sit in the roller coaster wings and it will feel like an aircraft’s charlotte. There will not be anything above them and below. There are four wingered roller coaster in the world. There are plans to set up another in the United States 3 and 2013.

It is not their fear of fear or vomiting them. Everything is not always right, no matter how advanced technology matters.


Oculus Rift

Many people call it a gaming revolution – and do not say wrong. The Uncle Rift is a virtual real headset, which has the ability to forever change the gaming industry.

Gamers have already benefited a lot from PC games and current consoles. But an acoustic refact is a device that will probably take gamer steps in the middle of it. We can only imagine how this new technology will impact gaming. And we already know a lot, maybe one or two decades after what will be multiplayer.


Parallel computer structure will change. And Adaptivva gives everyone the opportunity to take part in this revolution. Generally made, it is a super computer for the general public.

In Real-Time Object Tracking, displays holographic headings, the voice becomes more effective, even intelligent. Basically thanks to parallel it is considered a mini super computer, its value is incredible. Only $ 99, $ 7500 for the Bangladeshi money! This is not recommended for non-programmer and non-Linux users. But you can use it if you are loaded with the development software.

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