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Some trivial reasons that could not help you, the result is the tears of life

The situation in the political situation of the country has destroyed all business conditions. That’s why many people have become unemployed in their life. This situation has increased the number of unemployed in the country’s economy. At the moment, those who earn money online do not have any effect on their earnings. Even if they are not aware of building a career online, they themselves are responsible for the sufferings of this nation.

We’re trying to do something for everyone. After a long time, everyone is afraid of being afraid of poverty, he will not have to do anything by showing mercy.

Again, we all know that one does not dream about sleeping at a career or financial self-stage. Those who succeeded in their stories and my own stories but filled with many secrets, hard work, hard work. Those who are tempted or apologized for our position today, do not be tempted by them, do not want our position, we have secured what we have achieved, we are tempted. Allah will surely give you some big gifts.

Your secretary or coaster story may be for 2-3 years, but the story of success or happiness will be long. Many pages will be spent on spending 50 years of happiness. This time neglected, do not destroy this opportunity. You are all inside, do not bury the lion in sleeping lions deep sleeping. Please Now raising lions. When a lion wakes up from sleep, it will not wake up from sleep. Then just regret it. Believe, after listening to such problems, no jobs, income, unemployment, no work, you can feel sorry for the tongue or you’ll be sorry about it. But the story ends. Nothing will be done for you because they hear stories of such poverty regularly. After listening to many people, no one can separate you. And then there’s really nothing to do. Because you can not help yourself to keep pace with the era.

For many reasons, I could not help myself in my life.

  • The most important thing of young age is to chat with your friends or to roam around.
  • Time standard was written in the memory, got a good number by writing the test paper. But in his own life, he could not use this memorial work. And in 24 hours I did not get out of work for only 24 hours.
  • You’ve been thinking about the stability of your life for two years. Do not think, about 5-10 years later.
  • Do not drive anyone with your father’s friend or your friend’s money, that’s completely lost on your head.
  • The most comfortable work of sleep is given the importance of sleeping on your future dream, it was not on the head.
  • Although there is a test in the university, it is important to think of many important things in the life of having a fun or fun time on a friend’s birthday, 5-10 years of fun or fun moments have been completely forgotten. And that’s why there is no restriction on the number of exams or class assignments on the friend’s birthday, but these issues are a big hurdle other than learning something for their career.
  • It is difficult for you to work hard even at a young age. Because, because you are not in your head, 10 years from now when the body is very weak, you can not sleep. Many people are looking at their parents to understand the consequences of today’s reasons to ignore them today.
  • Seeing the beautiful faces of the movie, watching movies on the TV screen or on the laptop or showing movies, I’m sorry for the friendship with their friends, sorry about a girlfriend such as a beautiful girlfriend. But if the girlfriend feels like this, then to get the wife so beautiful, many happy candidates of that beautiful girl will have to be killed in the war.
  • To spend a lot of money to spend 5000 TK on the occasion of a friend’s birthday or wedding, you spend a lot of time on it but spend a lot of money on your self-skill, this is a lot more meaning to you. Even if you do not want to spend a little more for a good draft, you can think of going to the most suitable place for your entire life, but this is your best decision. In this case, it costs more to buy good products, lost formula to your head.

Get ready for the solid present cross present in beautiful. You do not have to write BUET or Medical to create a beautiful future in this era. CivicTech has been able to show to many students who are honored in the second year, earning 50,000 rupees or more per month. For several months, this interview has been published in JeansBlog for a few months. If they earn such income at this age, once they think that our parents can get income from their parents’ age. Why are so many people going to this age? Why I mentioned above. Starting today, the war of living against the above-mentioned reasons.

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