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Secret combinations of Windows key and OS X keyboard

How Reply has placed along a listing of all the new key combos that may actually are available handy for each Windows and OS X user.

Windows keyboard

⊞ Win — opens the beginning Menu, in Windows eight.1 — opens the previous window;
⊞ Win + A — opens the Action Center (in Windows 10);
⊞ Win + B — selects the primary icon within the Notification space (you will then switch between the icons victimization the arrow keys);
⊞ Win + Ctrl + B — switch to a program indicating a brand new message within the Notification Area;
⊞ Win + C shows the Charm Bar (in Windows eight and eight.1); in Windows ten it opens Cortana (if you’re employing a supported language);
⊞ Win + D — shows the desktop (immediately minimizes all the opened windows);
⊞ Win + E — opens Windows Explorer; in Windows ten opens the short Launch by default;
⊞ Win + F — open ’Find files and folders’;
⊞ Win + Ctrl + F — opens ’Find computers’;
⊞ Win + G — brings all gadgets to the foreground that area unit in method (only in Windows seven and Vista); opens the sports bar in Windows 10;
⊞ Win + K — opens a brand new begin menu — Connections (in Windows eight and eight.1);
⊞ Win + L — change user or locks the workstation;
⊞ Win + M — minimizes all windows;
⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + M — restore windows that were minimized;
⊞ Win + O — locks device orientation (disables the rotating mechanism operate on tablets);
⊞ Win + P — switches operative modes to Associate in Nursing external monitor/projector (only in Windows seven and newer);
⊞ Win + letter — opens Search charm for put in apps (checked in Windows 8);
⊞ Win + R — open the ’Run dialog’ box;
⊞ Win + T — switches focus to the Taskbar (only in Windows seven and newer);
⊞ Win + U — opens the Utility Manager;
⊞ Win + W — open Windows Ink space (notes, screenshots);
⊞ Win + X — open the Windows Mobile Application Center (only for mobile computers in Windows visual image and 7);
⊞ Win + Y — start Yahoo! traveler (if installed).

OS X keyboard

Command + Up Arrow — forthwith scroll to the highest of any webpage.
Command + Down Arrow — forthwith scroll to rock bottom of any webpage.
Command + punctuation — Cycle through misspelled words in any given document.
Command + one (2, 3) — Use this route to handily cycle through any open tabs you have got in your browser. Command + one can take you to the primary tab, Command + a pair of can take you to the second, and so on.
Option + Delete — This handy keyboard route can delete words one word at a time, as critical one letter at a time. This works all across OS X, whether or not you’re writing in TextEdit or perhaps once writing an internet site into your browser’s address bar.
Command + H — Quickly hide all open windows from the presently active app.
Command + Shift + T — Instantly open up the foremost recently closed tab in your browser. this can be a lifesaver if you by mistake shut a window and can’t bear in mind the address.
Command + F3 — This handy route instantly removes all app windows from reading and enables you to take a goose at your desktop. To bring your apps back, merely press the keys once more.
Option + Shift + Volume Up/Volume down — Increase or decrease your machine’s volume in a lot of smaller increments. This comes in particularly handy once you’re making an attempt to urge your audio output levels excellent.

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