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Know about the beginning of earn from youtube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It’s hard to find people who are not familiar with the YouTube word. Youtube usage in almost all types of everyday activities ranging from study to study is unparalleled. Suppose, tomorrow is your exam I do not like to read? Tutorials on topics that you can view on YouTube. Or any cultural program of the school. Teachers have said, mandatory wearing sarees is mandatory. But how to wear sarees? Do not worry! Have YouTube For many more such daily needs, the heroine of Aladdin is helping us from the side of YouTube.

If you want to see successful YouTube today and do not have to look abroad. In our country there is some best youtube who speaks in Bangla like you like me, singing or singing in Bengali festivities.

If you try to hit a successful YouTube example, Ayman Sadiq comes first. He is a Bangladeshi personality, speaker, and online teacher. In March 2015, he came up with a hand-picked “10-minute school” online education institute. It is an institution that provides free information and collaboration online education. Then there is Salman Muktadir. SalmoN will upload humorous videos through a channel called The BrownFish, who are constantly entertaining people. There are also many famous YouTube users, including the likes of Solomon Suhankan, Raba Khan, Shamim Hasan Sarkar, Asif Bin Azad, Riddi Shaikh, and Youtube in the world.

Have you ever come to the head? What are the benefits of those videos on YouTube? Yes! There are certainly profits. There is a famous proverb in English: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. So you realize that anyone does not play video on YouTube in the fray. Of course, there are issues related to profit. According to the survey of the year, only 22 million US dollars by the review of the toy reviews on YouTube, a child named Ryan, who is only 7 years old! The second place is Jake Paul, whose name is 21.5 million.

Did anyone feel like you want me to be a youtube? Or how to make money from youtube?

The answer is Surely come! But you may not know the way to earn from YouTube. Though it sounds complicated, the subject is not so complicated. Today we will learn how to earn easily from YouTube.

1. Need to know YouTube:

Each organization adheres to some own rules and regulations. YouTube is no exception. To earn money from YouTube, there must be a good idea about YouTube’s rules and regulations. Videos will not accept YouTube videos of any kind of controversial video such as attacks on religious, political or human rights, or offensive and obscene content, copyright violations, etc. So it is desirable to know about YouTube before you can open channels and follow their policies.

2. Create a YouTube channel:

The question might be “How to open accounts on YouTube?

Very easy! First, create a Gmail account. With their proper name, age and phone number. Login to YouTube with this account. There you will find ‘Create Channel’. Create your own channel through him. Now add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage created by your own camera. Well, 50 percent of the jobs were created in a moment.

3. Niche Selection:

This issue is very important in earning money from YouTube.

It depends on someone’s skill, hobbies or interests. Whether a person likes to make a video or whether there will be a lack of new ideas in the future for making this kind of video, this should be kept in mind keeping things in mind. Maybe you know a good dance, but no one knows it except your family members? Do not delay the world!

It was again seen that someone would read his younger brother or sister children in the evening and they would have fun to come to him. There they talk about various kinds of talk, murder and fun. These beautiful moments can be highlighted through YouTube.

Love reading books or watching movies? Excellent! Have fun with these funny reviews. Do you know how to make great makeup? If you have any ceremony in the party, they come together to come to you? It became a mistake! Instant Tutorial Video Or maybe makeup product reviews. Do you have a pet or cat and you love him so much? Show people how to love animals.

4. Monetization:

To make money from YouTube, you must make your channel monetization.

The word “Monetization” comes from Monitase, which means earning money from any asset or business. YouTube monetization means that we can earn money by working hard and earning money by uploading the video. That is, the placement of add-ons on YouTube, and income by this is called YouTube Monitorization.

Previously youtube monitoring was very easy. It could be done after opening the channel. But to avoid some unexpected events, YouTube has given some new guidelines in 2019. Method of Monetization:


Google Drive Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L_0wg4yWXGycAZt5P29XIp_2NKArjxju/view

GIF Link: https://giphy.com/gifs/uktniT3WekDpocC5lE


5: The main method of income:

Now, let’s know how we can earn from YouTube.

* Google YouTube Adsense:

To start AdSense, you must first apply for AdSense. In this case, the correct information must be given. However, according to the rules of the year 2018, the channel needs to have some qualification for obtaining AdSense. For example, 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch view and that should be within the last 1 year. You must have at least 1 thousand subscribers on your YouTube channel and the channel’s watch view will be at least 4 thousand hours. The Gmail that you give You must be 18 years old and the channel icon will apply to the Gmail address that will apply in AdSense.

* Affiliate Marketing:

Currently, there are many organizations that sell products online.

For example Daraz, Pickaboo, there are many more sites where you can register. Then they will send a link that link will give you the description of your YouTube video. You will then get the amount of money from the price of the product that you buy in this channel.

* Various product reviews:

There are currently many companies who have this facility. Suppose you give a brief about a few seconds of their product on one of your videos. In this case, their products will be promoted, and they will pay you a certain amount. However, such offers are available only for quality and overview video owners.

* Sponsored Video:

You can earn more than the amount you can earn from a YouTube add or affiliate link, and publish only Sponsored Videos. Various companies will contact you for the product or service sponsored video of your channel to increase sales of their product or service, and you will find that product or service Make a video by highlighting features and benefits and publish it on YouTube Will be on. In this case, those who are your fan followers will be interested in the product. In return, the company will pay you a fixed amount per month.

But usually, the more popular channels get more of this type of advantage.

Income Strategy:

So far, we know ways to earn through YouTube. Now, knowing some techniques that we can get more revenue.

  • Regularly try to upload new good quality videos. The channel viewer will continue to grow. After uploading a new video, the video must be described below. Then YouTube can easily get the idea about that video. After publishing the video, the video can be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc. You can link your video to other popular sites like this about the video you created. From there you can get a lot of visitors to your video from there.
  • Another way is to use SEO techniques. SEO means Search Engine Optimization Simply put, SEO is a technique to promote a website in search engine with Google. In the first ten results after searching for any text or video, Assaat is considered successful SEO And there are only a few ways to follow it. For example, repeated use of some specific words, using some hashtags or using some common words that all categories of people will use to search.
  • Lastly, I want to tell you a very important one. After making the channel, money does not come in hand. Be very patient and continue to work yourself. And you can not share any videos that hit the YouTube policy.

So friends Those who have no interest in earning money on YouTube, do not delay and start now. It should keep in mind that any kind of obstacle will not be left to the end.



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