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Which iPhone is most popular and running on the market now?

Last year Apple’s iPhone model came out of Apple’s X-ray reaction. Compared to the iPhone’s design and pricing, compared to other models of iPhone, it’s a different phone. Market analysts say that recently the iPhone’s affordable iPhone XR sales have decreased. So Apple’s production decreased by 10 percent.

Market analyst Mikspanel says the iPhone XR situation is not very bad. iPhone X model Apple’s main model exceeds XS sales One month after the iPhone arrived in the market, the Apple X model market was discounted

According to MySpace data, the rate among iPhone users of iPhone XR users is more than 3 percent. The XS model has a 2.88 percent rate. In other words, iPhone X is worth more than the sales of affordable X-ray models last week. But the Xs Mac is backward behind. So far, the number of X Max Mac users is 3.78 percent.

The most popular model of iPhone users last year brought the iPhone X phones to the market in more than 3 models brought in the market in 2018. 11.82 percent share of iPhone X, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 9.87 percent and 10.3 percent respectively.

According to a report by CounterPoint in the Market Research Institute, the iPhone X model will not be sold, but it will not be able to publish the iPhone X model in the market in 2017. The X model has sold 50 times more than the iPhone XR.

Recently in a Bloomberg report, it is said that the demand for older iPhone is still high. There is less demand for iPhone XR, iPhone X and X Mac. After the iPhone arrived in the market, the old model has reduced the price of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 is sold for $ 449. iPhone 8 sold for $ 599! Compared to the older models of the iPhone, compared to the 999 USD, the price of iPhone is very risky.

According to a Reuters news organization report, CITI research analyzes saw the demand for iPhone reduction. Especially the demand for the iPhone X Mac will be reduced in the first three months of the year.

According to CIT Research, the demand for the iPhone will be reduced in the first quarter of the year. Instead of 5 million units, the demand for 4 million units of the iPhone 5 million units will be needed. Six-and-a-half-inch iPhone X Max Mac demand reduced by 48 percent. iPhone X Mac is the most expensive phone in Apple It starts from $ 1,999. Apple’s three models are the most demanded among the newest iPhones of iPhone XR. One-third of Apple’s iPhone models have been reduced, Apple launched this model’s iPhone in October. Sales from iPhone X and iPhone X Max started in September.

In the eyes of technology analysts in the market of the year 2018, there is no new innovation in the new three models of the iPhone. It’s design last year’s market like the iPhone X. However, due to the different characteristics, price differences came. In the US, the 64 GB iPhone XR is priced at $ 749. US $ 799 and $ 899 for 128 GB and 256 GB XR respectively. iPhone X Price starts at $ 999 with the price of six and a half inch iPhone X Mac starting at $ 1,999.

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