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What is Google AdSense? A to Z about Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program from Google’s famous search engine. This will be a web site to earn through. It is possible to earn using Google Adsense as a Blogspot by using a free website.

Although Google Adsense has long been recognized as a reliable and long-term earning system worldwide. Many have created their own websites using money through earning or using free websites. Many Adsense accounts have been closed due to a lack of understanding of the original Google AdSense process. But those who are properly used are earning rights.

The main thing is that it is possible to earn any kind of web site through Google AdSense. The condition will be popular on the site. There should be plenty of visitors or traffic on the site, there should be good content or articles.

Visitors can enter and hold the site by clicking on Google’s ads naturally as part of a viewer. Remember, you will increase your earnings, more visitors to your site. When 1000 visitors visit the site every day, 10% of visitors average clicks on ads displayed on Google.

It’s possible to earn more than $ 10 on an average day. That is, only $ 300 or 20000 / month income is possible only through a public website. Once you start earning a site, you can create more sites on different topics. A huge door of online revenue will be unveiled to you. Needed Hard Work Mentality

People thinking!

Think of dollar as a thought click, go to the cyber cafe and click ………! Google is so stupid! Advertisers are so stupid! Click to pay! No, Google will close its account by clicking the fake click. Click the original dollar to get it. What is the original click?

This is the topic since Google displays advertisements related to the content of the site, so visitors click on Google add-ons as well as site content.

Visitors click on the advertiser’s site (in this case, the visitor did not fake it, but on his own interest, the advertiser entered the site This is the original click, which will earn you a normal click It uses technology for programs that lets you click on a fake click, remember that Google AdSense is a long-term business, remember that its capital is planning your blogging and using it properly.

Cash Capital is only a PC and only 2/3 for domain / hosting Thousands of money. You can blog correctly if you can get enough visitor sites, Copulation can earn thousands of dollars a month – the idea is not real.

There are many platforms for blogging. Among them the most popular WordPress Blogspot, Drupal But if you want to easily create a blog then there is no option to spot the blog. Blogspot is fully managed from Google. Google is working on platforms that are not good enough to say. Blogspot is a complete blog creation site. Blogspot Google Adsense is very good to use.

Everything is fine but you can remember that Blogspot blogspot.com does not like the domain name of the site. This is not a problem, if you want, you can set up a free domain or domain for your site.


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