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Build A High Converting Sales Funnel Around The Product

What is a funnel really?

It’s simply a series of steps designed to turn a website visitor into a customer eventually.

Once you’ve determined what niche you are going to get into, who your target audience is and the offer you’re going to promote, it’s time to build your first funnel around it.

Here are the components of a sales funnel:
  • Lead Magnet – It’s a valuable piece of content that you give away to collect the email address of your visitors. A lead magnet could be a report or cheat sheet or video training or audio training or webinar. The goal of a lead magnet is to pre-sell and educate your prospects so that they would be inclined to buy your product.
  • Lead Capture Page – It’s the page where you ask your visitors to give you their email in exchange for the lead magnet. This is how you build your email list of subscribers.
  • Sales Page – It’s the page where you sell your product or service. If you are promoting an affiliate product, this is the page where the affiliate product is sold. A great sales page can help you make a lot of sales and make your campaigns fly.
  • Email Follow Up – Series of emails that you send to your email subscribers so as to educate, pre-sell and persuade them into visiting your sales page and buying your product. Consistent emails are proven to build trust and get a lot of sales over time.

  • Webinar – It’s an online seminar where you ask people to attend a highly educational presentation scheduled at a particular time. Nothing converts better than a good webinar. It’s the most powerful tool to make a flurry of sales overnight.

Now let’s take a look at how to actually put together a funnel fast.

#1 Step: Register for a domain name & hosting

You need to have your own website (domain) to promote products. You can buy a domain from domain registrars like GodaddyNameCheap, etc.

Once you buy a domain, you need to host it to make it go LIVE.

You can buy a hosting account from services like HostgatorGodaddy etc.

#Step 2: Get an autoresponder account

An autoresponder helps you build an email list of subscribers and allows you to communicate with them via emails any time you want.

Basically, you need to link your autoresponder with your lead capture page so that when people enter their email info, they subscribe to your autoresponder list.

You can get an autoresponder account using services like ActiveCampaignAweberGetresponse etc.

Best for a startup: Getresponse or AWeber

# Step 3: Get a funnel creation software

You need some kind of tool to be able to create funnel pages like capture pages, sales pages, etc.

The best tool for building funnels is Clickfunnels. I use it heavily in my business and I can’t recommend it enough.

The next best tool is Leadpages.

There are several other tools out there in the marketplace too.

With Clickfunnels & Leadpages, you can simply point and click and set up your funnel within minutes. They integrate with almost all autoresponder services. They even host your pages for you. You can also download the pages of your funnel from there and load it up on your site.

Setup Highly Engaging Email Follow Up Campaigns

The whole purpose of emailing your list is to educate, entertain and persuade them into buying your product.

An ideal email should provide value and sell at the same time.

There are 2 types of emails that you can send to your list: follow up & broadcast.

Follow up emails are pre-written emails that are designed to go out at set intervals.

For example – let’s say you write 10 emails and load it up in your autoresponder and schedule them to go 1 day apart from each other. When a subscriber joins your email list, he will get 1 email per day for 10 days starting from the day he joined your list.

Broadcast emails are live emails which are sent to your entire list at once.

The ideal email marketing approach is to have a follow-up sequence (10 days or 30 days or 90 days) as well as send out 1 broadcast email every day

The more you email your list, the better the relationship you can build and the more sales you can make.

So give lots of value, share stories, focus on different angles in each email and soon you will start seeing your subscribers bonding with you and buying more from you.

Aka Getting Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

You need a steady stream of high quality targeted traffic to your capture pages so that you can build a responsive list, make sales and grow your business.

Here’s a quick list of the traffic sources that you can use:

  • Search Ads (GoogleYoutubeBing Ads) – Ideal for reaching in front of people who are actively looking for solutions to their problems. Search based traffic has some of the highest conversion rates.
  • Social Media Ads (FacebookTwitterInstagram Ads) – Ideal for reaching out to communities who are passionate about a topic. If you have a cool dog product to sell, you are better off targeting dog lovers than just waiting for someone to search for your particular product. This is where social media ads can be very powerful.
  • Email Newsletter Ads (Solo Ads) – Ideal for reaching out to people who have expressed interest in receiving information about a particular topic. You can find newsletters in any niche and strike up a deal with the owner to send out a promotional email.
  • Banner Ads – Ideal for reaching out to visitors to a particular website. You can contact different websites to place banners on them or you can use the Google Display Network to place your banners on thousands of websites in your niche.
  • Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, Article Marketing) – Ideal for reaching out to people who are seeking information. With content marketing, you can educate your audience before asking them to join your list and leads generated from this method convert very well into sales.

I personally prefer paid traffic sources because it’s measurable and scalable. You don’t have to pump out the content or do anything like that to get high-quality traffic.

You can simply pay for it and start getting traffic fast (in some cases almost immediately).

There are 3 sources that I heavily use to grow my business.

  1. Youtube Ads – The traffic is cheap and they convert great. If you want to learn how to tap into this traffic source, you can check out by Video Ads Hack course. If you want my team to build Youtube Ad campaigns for you, then check out my Video Ads Agency.
  2. Solo Ads – When you know where to advertise, solo ads can produce some high-quality leads. You can generate anywhere from 100-3000+ leads every day using this source. If you would like to get high-quality traffic from the most premium lists in the world, then check out my Solo Ads Agency.
  3. Facebook Ads – You can target your exact audience and get in front of them using Facebook Ads. The leads are pricey but they convert.

Extreme Groth Hacking

No matter how good you are at generating traffic or building funnels, things will almost NEVER work out at the start.

Sometimes, things can work well and then go downhill too.

What do you do then? How do you create winning campaigns?

By testing and tracking every aspect of your campaign. Testing is how you identify where the problem lies and rectify it.

For example:
  • If you are not getting traffic from networks like Facebook or Youtube, you need to start testing different ads to see which get the clicks.
  • If you are getting traffic but not getting leads, then you need to test out different lead capture pages.
  • If you are getting leads but no one is buying from you, then you need to see if there is a demand for your offer and if so, and then test your sales page and follow up emails.

And the list goes on.

Every aspect of your business (traffic campaigns, funnels, etc) needs to be tested and optimized.

When you do it consistently, you will be able to get lots of traffic and turn it into massive profits.

Do Live Webinars For Max Conversions

Webinars are a great way to connect with prospects, demonstrate value, make an offer, clarify queries and close sales….all at the same time.

No other medium can produce as many sales overnight as a webinar can. Every webinar I do helps me pull an easy $5,000+ in revenues.

A good webinar should have the following:
  1. A great offer that people would want to get hold of
  2. An educational presentation that provides massive value to your attendees.
  3. A good pitch where you make a compelling case for buying your product (you need to practice to be able to hold interest and make a good pitch in the webinar).
  4. After webinar question and answer sessions where you clarify doubts and get people to take action (if you are doing a LIVE webinar).

When you get all of these components right, you will be able to connect with your audience and get them to buy from you FASTER than ever.

The best part about webinars is that you can also use them to successfully promote high ticket products ($2000+ price point). You can either sell your products directly on the webinar or take in applications and close sales on the phone.

I regularly use webinars to promote $2K-$10K+ offers and they do great.

So start doing webinars.

Once you get good at it, your results will shoot up exponentially. $10K per month can be easily done with 1 good webinar campaign.


That’s the $10k per month affiliate cheat sheet that has literally taken a number of my students from newbies to earn 5-figures+ per month.

If you actually follow this cheat sheet and do what it says, you will be on your way to earning great amounts of money online.

If you loved this cheat sheet and would like to get a more in-depth outlook on how to put together powerful campaigns to start generating consistent traffic, leads and sales, Contact with me.

If you would like to have one of my top business coaches put together a custom blueprint for you to get to $10K per month FOR FREE, sign up for the Income Kick starter strategy session. Slots are limited so take action fast.

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