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backlinks, 50 Killer ways to get high DA PA website quality backlinks, How Reply Inc

50 Killer ways to get high DA PA website quality backlinks

When we talk about a search engine optimization or SEO on a website or blog, we can divide it into two parts. It’s onpage and offscreen optimization. Backlinks and social signage off-site optimization are more important. Especially, when we want to do good work in the SERP ranking, we have to get quality backlinks from our sites of different authorities. We know about the importance of search engine traffic. And the high quality backlink is the most effective way to increase the ranking of the site and increase search engine traffic. Considering the pictures of Ananira, this post mentioned 101 to get a high quality backlink. Hope this will be very helpful for your website or blog.

But there is no way to say 50 roads! You must keep in mind that updates are constantly updated on Google, where spam and paid backlinks are noticed. Therefore, this backlink will have a bad effect on the ranking of the site.

And yes, when you create your backlink, keep an eye on link quality and anchor text variations. Backlinks do not pay more attention to the creation of your website, making the backlinks more relevant to the internal pages of the site. You can create backlinks to different guidelines pages like Resource pages. In this case, one or two keywords can be used easily. This type of post is more effective.

What to avoid in the backlink case

  • Do not use large links from footer.
  • Avoid buying the right anchor text.
  • Avoid buying bulk links from various sites (such as fever).
  • Do not use the link network.
  • Avoid using blog roll links.
  • The article directory is not valid using the link, so try to avoid using it.

Remember to put backlinks to your site with the above items. But do not say a word, there is a special emphasis on creating guest post backlinks. It carries great importance to bring good traffic to your website.

backlinks, 50 Killer ways to get high DA PA website quality backlinks, How Reply Inc

Now let’s make quality backlinks 101 basic ways

1. Post a guest in another blog.
2. Comment on the Dofollow blog.
3. Participate in the discussion of uninterrupted forums and use links to your blog posts.
4. Add your blog link to the forum signature (of course high-quality forum).
5. Increase your site activity on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Dig sites.

6. Increase the discussion by linking your blog to various discussion boards as Cairo.
7. Increase activity by adding your site to the blogging community. Blog Engage, MMO Social Network is notable about this topic.
8. Yahoo Ansar – Ask questions related to your site in answer to various questions.
9. Ask these questions, answer different answers on the site and get links to your site related links.
10. When publishing the article, link the site related to another post.

11. You can exchange link links with other blog sites, but it must be natural and adhere to the link pyramid form.
12. Submit your blog to the top blogging directory (here to ensure quality).
13. Submit your blog to various web directories.
14. Submit your blog top directory.
15. Ask your friends to be connected to your site / social networking site.

16. Submit your blog post to social blogging sites.
17. Add your site to top social networking sites.
18. Submit your blog articles to StumbleUpon.
19. Digg submits your blog. It gives dual links and plays a role in Google Crowl.
20. Make your blog viral on the top social bookmarking sites. Thousands of quality backlinks available from an authority site are better than general backlinks.

Your Blog’s RSS Feed

21. Add your blog link to Feed Site.
22. Submit site release a press release.
23. Submit your RSS feed RSS directory.
24. Have a web site review forum in almost every forum, review your blog.
25. If you know theme development, publish a free theme and add your blog link to theme footer. (If not possible)

26. If you can, then create a free WordPress plugin and add your blog link there.
27. Publish a software or ebook and compile and submit it to top software share sites like Download.com, Brothersoft.
28. Create a PDF book with your blog posts and submit to the document sharing site.
29 Write a review about top companies and products, they can offer you backlinks.
30. Publish at least one post to each resource that contains different sites or blogger resources (including links) and shares this post with these bloggers. Then they will be very interested in you.

31. Top bloggers publish interviews and request to share it. This will allow their fans to know about your site.
32. Give testimonials to marketers and add your blog link there. They can give you backlinks.
33. Use Web 2.0 site to promote your blog.
34. Submit your blog post carnival.
35. Enter high-quality content and get stung backlinks from them.

36. Try to write about discussions or controversial issues.
37. Try to publish the news post and try to publish it for the first time.
38. Submit your blog’s CSS directory.
39. Other Blogs Try to publish your interview or interview.
40. Try to write a link based post.

41. Try writing the top list because they are easily viral.
42. Enter the comparison with the site you work with.
43. Write a feature post about those who want to blog. This is also a good link.
44. Exchange content with other bloggers on your behalf.
45. Submit other directories including eggs to your site.
46. Submit your site to .adoo and .gov forums and blogs. Google offers these sites as sites of authority, so quality backlinks are available from them.

47. Use popular groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups as a way to promote your group.
48. If possible, open the Wikipedia page and add links to your Resource category here.
49. Submit your site to TokenRoti. This is very important for your blog rank.
50. Write a post titled ‘Ultimate’, through which many backlinks are available.

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